11 Sites in German [de]

Website and Blog by Pierre Böckmann, open source enthusiast and software developer.
Stefan Antoni bloggt hier über die schöne Welt der Python-Programmierung, leistungsfähige Open Source Suchmaschinen, den Vim-Editor, DevOps und allem was dem Netznerd Freude macht.
Course material to teach Python with Blender.

(Help with translation and extension is always welcome.)
Die private Webseite von davidak.
Engineering consultants for embedded Hardware and Software development.
Personal blog and galleries.
The blog of Thorsten.
Site with information around Administration, Code and Tools.
Homepage of a german club of amateur photographers.
Just a lazy log about python, linux, generative art & me. (mostly in german)
Homepage of 93-interactive, 3D modelling, animation and audio services from Germany.