11 Sites in German [de]

A about about queerness, manga, literature, programming, and libre culture. Mostly manga, to be honest.
Ein Blog für Neuigkeiten und Informationen rund um das große Abenteuer in Ultimor.
Engineering consultants for embedded Hardware and Software development.
Die private Webseite von davidak.
Homepage of a german club of amateur photographers.
The blog of Thorsten.
Personal blog and galleries.
Course material to teach Python with Blender.

(Help with translation and extension is always welcome.)
I'm rixx – my personal home page at rixx.de contains my blog and my current software projects, as well as some other static pages I like to keep handy.
The objective of the project OA2020-DE is to support a large-scale transition of today’s scholarly journals from subscription to open access publishing.
Homepage of 93-interactive, 3D modelling, animation and audio services from Germany.