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Apprentissage de comment concevoir et gérer un blog à partir de Emacs vers Git
linux, programming and electronics
I'm a developer (mostly web), GNU / Linux geek, and free software enthusiast.

This is my personal blog. I try to post things relevant to programming, but
sometimes I might post about something else, such as music, videogames, or myself.
Consulente informatico, viaggiatore, con un occhio molto attento a tutto ciò che accade in questo mondo e agli esseri che lo popolano e lo rendono interessante
Professional website for Friedel Wolff

I am a computer scientist with specific interest in natural language processing, machine learning and artificial intelligence. I enjoy working in Python and publish a humble blog.
Blog on neuroscience, math and python.
The blog of Dave Jones.
The home page and blog of Chris Warrick.
My thoughts on programming, software and related matters.
Thoughts about programming and technology.
I'm rixx – my personal home page at rixx.de contains my blog and my current software projects, as well as some other static pages I like to keep handy.
Is a three-tier high-level general purpose application platform under the license GPL-3 written in Python and using PostgreSQL as database engine.

It is the core base of a complete business solution providing modularity, scalability and security.
Personal Page.
The blog of Justus Winter.
Free Online Spanish text readability analysis tool.
My goal is to strengthen my expertise in data science, coding problems, and python by explaining what I learn.
Technical and personal blog.
Computer related issues: programming languages, tools, patterns, or just my experience.
Gramola home page - passione per il web.
A collection of stuff on Linux, Programming, and Math.
Stuff related to Linux and Free and Open Source Software
Blog on programming by Eduardo Naufel Schettino.
The objective of the project OA2020-DE is to support a large-scale transition of today’s scholarly journals from subscription to open access publishing.
PlasmaPy project website
My website
A personal blog on computer graphics, scientific computing and living in virtual worlds.
A podcast touching on random topics, like tech, food, motorcylces, giant robots, and StarWars
Blog de ciencia, tecnología, cultura y literatura. Unir estos mundos no solo en un sitio sino en una historia.
Landing page
Not only about encountered programming cases.
The personal blog of David Beath.
A blog about finite difference simulation, programming and sound synthesis
This is the Blog of a gentleman named Bert McDowell, I an Irish man currently living in Scotland and working as an independent developer, freelancer.
Blog about endless war with developing, debugging, profiling and other madnesses and how it can be overcomed. Subjects are exotic, language is horrible, but it will not be boring, so you are welcome! And do not forget to subscribe on updates.
Imaginario is an open source, multi platform photo manager
A para-professional site/blog for myself, chronicling my career in library and data science, recently migrated from hard-coded HTML/JavaScript/CSS to Nikola.
Waartaa is an open source communication tool for teams and groups. It is built on top of IRC. Currently, Waartaa is an IRC client as a service and it supports centralized logging, 24x7 idling, notifications and unique identity to a user on IRC.
Nick's personal blog - random musings on software development, open data, computer security, teaching, etc.
A London-based software developer.
Vengo de utilizar Eviews y Stata en la universidad en la carrera de Economía Aplicada a convertirme en un usuario tiempo completo de Python y R.
I write free software. I have an opinion on almost everything. I write quickly. A weblog was inevitable.
A sysadmin, developer, amateur photographer, hiker, and husband.
3623ICT Information and Content Management Blog
Homepage of 93-interactive, 3D modelling, animation and audio services from Germany.
A personal/technical blog where I write about anything that comes to mind.
punchagan's home on the web.
Блог Андрея Смирнова/The blog of Andrey Smirnov.
Tales of a Python coder / system administrator.
materials to help studying humanities, mainly classical languages, latin grammar exercises. declension, conjugations, names, adjectives, verbs, adverbs, prepositions, indicative, subjunctive
Notes about development.
VIM python linux
Science, Code, Personal Encounters & and other random stuff
Homepage of a german club of amateur photographers.
Colección de blogs de PyAr.
This is Peter's technical blog.
Petar Jerčić's official personal site
The simple personal website of a PhD student.
main page of a software company
Personal blog. Programming, Linux, technology, entrepreneurship, etc.
Mi blog personal.
A about about queerness, manga, literature, programming, and libre culture. Mostly manga, to be honest.
backend developer blog about society
Share something interesting about byte ocean
A community developed, Ubuntu based operating system that beautifully integrates the MATE desktop.
Louis Tiao's Blog / Landing Page
Personal website. I mostly write about free software, Android/web development, (Arch) Linux configuration, etc.
Python, technologies and maybe more
Web page in sourceforge from pychemqt, a chemical engineering process simulation software
This is the personal web site of Pelle Nilsson, where I put any of my creations that may be of general interest.
I'm a Ph.D. student at Indiana University, majoring in Computer Science and Cognitive Science, and working as a research assistant at CREST (formally the Open Systems Lab). I'm interested in how programmers read and understand code.
The IRC logs site for Nikola. Created out of IRC logs with the irclogs plugin.
Notre site à nous.
My personal site/blog/journal.
A blog mostly focused on Personal Information Management in plaintext with Emacs & Org mode. All articles are written with Org mode
Emilien Klein's personal site
A blog taking about all things Open * and sometimes off topic subjects.
Gilgamezh's (AKA Nico Demarchi) personal blog :)
Just another geek's blog.
Martijn Faassen talks about software development - Python, Javascript, web.
My blog about Python, math, SymPy, and other stuff.
This is the personal website of Peter Lebbing, aka Digital Brains. I’m not really a website-making guy, but I do want to share some things with the world. So this is the net result.
Official web site of the Illusory Temple band.
Nuitka is a good replacement for the Python interpreter and compiles every construct that CPython 2.6, 2.7, 3.2, 3.3 and 3.4 offer. It translates the Python into a C++ program that then uses "libpython" to execute in the same way as CPython does, in a very compatible way.
Un blog sobre matemáticas (cosas que estuve leyendo y que vale la pena leer)
Nikola is a Static Site and Blog Generator.
Blog about MySQL Performance, Benchmarks, dim_STAT tool, and other..
یہ بلاگ۔ اردو اور انگریزی زبانوں میں دستیاب۔
Sharing information bonds us together.
Just my home page. Not a blog.
Personal/tech blog of ChillarAnand.
Grupo de Geodesia Satelital Rosario
One is 3
Something for your mind - A polymath podcast with Francois Dion. Some episodes will have more Art content, some will have more Business content, some will have more Science content, and some will be a nice blend of different things.
A personal blog of Roman Yepishev where he describes the solutions to technical problems a few people care about, provides random insight and generally whines about technology.
Home page, including research and links to teaching blogs (also Nikola)
Just like another random place on the internet.
Learning Resources On Data Science & Artificial Intelligence Research and Development
Bad grammar and typos for total strangers.
Personal & programming blog.
a broken world by Evgeni Golov - mostly rambling about software, computers, linux, opensource and debian
My place to share some thoughts with the world.
Personal pages about electronics and other stuff.
Still in constant developement (at 2019-02).
Based on bootstrap3 with some modifications - later, when it became stable, I will publish it as my new theme.
Die private Webseite von davidak.
Personal blog with photos, software hackery, and ramblings about various things.
Personal blog and galleries.
The blog of Roman Imankulov.
Formerly Sredzkistraße, the personal blog of Aengus Walton, Irish web developer.
Just a personal site about me and my interests, resume, etc.
writey things for public dissemination.
Personal blog. Ham Radio, perl, php, ruby, games.
Blog for bback.me - a site to provide unique ID to help people find their lost items back.
Just a personal web log.
Mariano Guerra's Log
Ramblings by a bunch of Ultimate freaks
Personal blog about programming.
Website of uriparser, a strictly RFC 3986 compliant URI parsing and handling library written in C. uriparser is cross-platform, fast, supports Unicode, and is licensed under the New BSD license.
Argentina en Python is a personal and communitary project that promotes the usage of Python as a programming language to solve daily issues for common users and also to develop powerful and complex softwares in an easy way [...]
Room for random knowledge, reminders, thoughts and comments.
Personal website, technical blog.
programming, photography, media, and anything else that strikes my fancy
This is my data science web blog where I post my projects, reports, coding, articles, notes, etc as I journey through the topics of data science, machine learning and artificial intelligence.
Recursos en castellano para personas sin dioses, demonios ni deidades.
Data Daydreams Blog.
The blog of Pieter Swinkels.
Engineering consultants for embedded Hardware and Software development.
Abstracto, lúdico y digital: blog personal de Juanjo Conti. Intento de agregar contenidos escritos en distintas plataformas: WordPress, Facebook, Goodreads, Twitter...
Personal blog on various free software related subjects.
Personal blog, DevOps, Python, Go
An economist's adventures in data science. I explore Python, machine learning, natural language processing, and more.
A programming and data science blog.
The intermittently updated personal website of Nicholas Coghlan, CPython core developer, PSF Director, Red Hat toolsmith, cognitive science dabbler, and cynical idealist.
The blog of Patrick Wildt.
Personal blog of a Debian Developer, Dentist, Geek. :)
Blog of family trips.
Tech notes with tags "network", "security", "privacy"
June 16-17 2018 will be the first PyCon in Thailand. PyCon's happen all over the world, hosted by Python programmers for Python programmers. PyCon Thailand will be a two day weekend conference with talks in both Thai and English.
My personal site and blog.
French blog about pythonic maths for my undergraduate students
Bozica is a blog about reconfigurable hardware, programming, photography and life
a serial | un dictionnaire des rêves extravagant
A multilingual blog (in Basque, Spanish and English), mostly about ICT.
That blog about stuff.
A personal coding blog, where I will share some code and some thoughts and experiences
1st Symposium on Big Data and Public Health
Blogging about data science.
My own personal blog, mostly technical ramblings. Converted from a Wordpress blog Dec 2013.
Just an update on what's been happening!
Digital and analog tinkerings of Dominic van Berkel.
Personal blog of a random italian guy, talking about coding, cinema and big questions
Personal blog.
Website for the Microsystems and Mechanobiology Lab (MMBL) in Mechanical Engineering at Carnegie Mellon University
Restoring an old php haiku site for posterity.
Auxiliary Professor at the Faculty of Economics of the Porto University.
Ein Blog für Neuigkeiten und Informationen rund um das große Abenteuer in Ultimor.
Colour is a Python colour science package implementing a comprehensive number of colour theory transformations and algorithms.

It is open source and freely available under the New BSD License terms.
Ricardo Kirkner's personal website.
Jupyter notebooks where I explore my shower thoughts with computations and visualizations using the Julia language.
Site da Rede de Modelagem em Rede.
Site internet de la société SysNux, Société de Services en Logiciels Libres, basée à Tahiti (Polynésie française).
Web site of SysNux, IT company specialized in open source, located in Tahiti, French Polynesia.
Weekly updates on the activities of the Fedora community.
$ geomática poética, geomancia matemática,
$ hacktivista, Python & R, Pop & Rock Indie,
$ Otaku & Geek, Zen & K, Utopía & Emancipación
>>> me.geek.post()
Another Photography Blog
Un blog de un pythonista, con contenido variado.
This blog centers around the development of opsi - an open source client management solution.
A collection of links, tools and open source code for Audio Video Bridging (AVB) technologies.
APU Cyber Security & Forensics Club
Blog sobre análisis numérico e ingeniería utilizando Python
Journal of Arch Linux developer, primarily in Polish.
The blog of Alfredos-Panagiotis Damkalis.
Blog about programming, computer science, servers and so on...
A personal blog of Cyryl Płotnicki
Senthil Kumaran's Blog
chensy's blog
A patchwork masterpiece of all the random things I do.
The large wooden rabbit watches you!
Software engineering and other stuffs
The blog of Thorsten.
Mostly about python programming and other random things I make.
Bits from the cyberspace
A blog about Python and Programming
Dgplug Summer Training 2013
Course material to teach Python with Blender.

(Help with translation and extension is always welcome.)
My personal blog!
Edwin's writings.
Laboratorio Nacional de Investigación y Servicios de Resonancia Magnética en Sólidos.
vaa's personal page.
Aspiring Jazz Programmer
Rok's random stuff.
Bibiloteca Municipal de Los Navalmorales
A blog about Programming, Unix, Japan and Photography