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  • A Personal Blog on Boardgames, Books, Movies and Computers

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    Argentina en Python
    by Manuel Kaufmann

    Argentina en Python is a personal and communitary project that promotes the usage of Python as a programming language to solve daily issues for common users and also to develop powerful and complex softwares in an easy way [...]

  • s3h10r's log
    by s3h10r

    Just a lazy log about python, linux, generative art & me. (mostly in german)

  • cowlicks
    by unknown

  • Panta Rei
    by Pelle Nilsson

    This is the personal web site of Pelle Nilsson, where I put any of my creations that may be of general interest.

  • DDEVnet.net
    by unknown

  • Pejibaye Blog
    by KaeruCT

    I'm a developer (mostly web), GNU / Linux geek, and free software enthusiast. This is my personal blog. I try to post things relevant to programming, but sometimes I might post about something else, such as music, videogames, or myself.

  • Thorsten's Blog
    by unknown

  • MagMax Blog
    by MagMax

    Computer related issues: programming languages, tools, patterns, or just my experience.

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    $ geomática poética, geomancia matemática, $ hacktivista, Python & R, Pop & Rock Indie, $ Otaku & Geek, Zen & K, Utopía & Emancipación

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    Random Coding
    by David Litvak Bruno

    A personal coding blog, where I will share some code and some thoughts and experiences

  • ~/var/log/trips/
    by Aleksey Philippov

    Simple blog about our trips.