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  • Zalando Tech Blog
    by Zalando AG

    Zalando's official Technology blog gives you insights into the team, technical infrastructure and open source software behind Europe's leading online shop for fashion.

  • Gnandoo
    by Mariano Guerra

    main page of a software company

  • Source

    SysAdmin Stuff and meh... Linux enthusiast and Windows Server Sysadmin

  • Cases
    by Grzegorz Śliwiński

    Not only about encountered programming cases.

  • volante
    by Juan José Gómez Romera

    Personal page with projects, especially personal experience with raspberry pi, including running nikola on it.

  • Entre Dev y Ops
    by Entre Dev y Ops

    Entre Dev y Ops es un blog dedicado, principalmente, a administradores de sistemas y devops, en castellano, en el que se irán comentando noticias, trucos y técnicas sobre tecnologias.

  • Greg. Not Craig
    by Not Craig

    Personal blog of Greg, not Craig.

  • cuerty's
    by unknown

  • Source

    by Manuel Kaufmann

    Photography, circus, computers, English…

  • FOSS and life
    by unknown

  • Lauri's blog
    by Lauri Võsandi

    I am Lauri, an open-source geek from Estonia. In my blog I occasionally write about Raspberry Pi, Debian, Ubuntu, Python, Django and other open-source projects.

  • Aeyoun
    by Daniel Aleksandersen

    Mostly technology.

  • Pejibaye Blog
    by KaeruCT

    I'm a developer (mostly web), GNU / Linux geek, and free software enthusiast. This is my personal blog. I try to post things relevant to programming, but sometimes I might post about something else, such as music, videogames, or myself.

  • Lucas Daddiego
    by Lucas Daddiego

    Blog en el que cada tanto, pondré algunas cosas que iré haciendo. Orientado a la informática, y tal vez a la música.

  • Synalp site
    by unknown

  • Ayudemos a Fiama
    by Ayudemos a Fiama

    Proyecto AYUDEMOS A AYUDAR | Ayudemos a Fiama

  • Source

    Jugando a carpediem
    by Alberto Paparelli (a.k.a. carpediem)

    Un blog más sobre Software Libre, programación (python sobre todo), y mi vida en general.

  • Source

    MATE Desktop Environment
    by The MATE Team

    MATE is a fork of GNOME 2. It provides an intuitive and attractive desktop environment using traditional metaphors for Linux and other Unix-like operating systems.

  • José Matos 3-D
    by José Matos

    Auxiliary Professor at the Faculty of Economics of the Porto University.

  • Unlogic
    by unknown

  • pychemqt
    by jjgomera

    Web page in sourceforge from pychemqt, a chemical engineering process simulation software

    by Laurent Perrinet

    Blog on neuroscience, math and python.

  • SRCco.de
    by Henning Jacobs

    Another tech blog, mostly about Python

  • Nicola Gramola
    by unknown

  • Bert McDowell
    by Bert McDowell

    This is the Blog of a gentleman named Bert McDowell, I an Irish man currently living in Scotland and working as an independent developer, freelancer.

  • Procoders
    by unknown

  • Dam! Cell Biology
    by DamCB/Guillaume Gay

    We are a small company offering free and open source software services to help biologists get the most out of their experiments.