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  • Opbeat blog
    by Opbeat.com team

    Thoughts from the team behind Opbeat.com

  • What a n00b!
    by unknown

  • Source

    by Ariel Gerardo Ríos

    Personal blog about software development and other personal projects, from Argentina! También escribo en castellano.

  • Tech Blog
    by develucas

    About technology and life

  • Source

    Waartaa is an open source communication tool for teams and groups. It is built on top of IRC. Currently, Waartaa is an IRC client as a service and it supports centralized logging, 24x7 idling, notifications and unique identity to a user on IRC.

  • This Week in Fedora
    by Pierre-Yves Chibon for the Fedora Project

    Weekly updates on the activities of the Fedora community.

  • frangor.info
    by unknown

  • ramdyne
    by Andreas Sikkema

    My personal site/blog/journal.

  • tommyvn's blog
    by unknown

  • Rail's Blog
    by unknown

  • Source

    Jugando a carpediem
    by Alberto Paparelli (a.k.a. carpediem)

    Un blog más sobre Software Libre, programación (python sobre todo), y mi vida en general.

  • Migeran Ltd website. Migeran is a framework that allows you to write iOS Apps in Java. It offers unique features like on device debugging, Eclipse & Xcode integration, UI Designer support and integrated testing.

  • volante
    by Juan José Gómez Romera

    Personal page with projects, especially personal experience with raspberry pi, including running nikola on it.

  • Procoders
    by unknown

    by Laurent Perrinet

    Blog on neuroscience, math and python.

  • tin_nqn
    by Martín Gaitán

  • Lucas Daddiego
    by Lucas Daddiego

    Blog en el que cada tanto, pondré algunas cosas que iré haciendo. Orientado a la informática, y tal vez a la música.

  • Pejibaye Blog
    by KaeruCT

    I'm a developer (mostly web), GNU / Linux geek, and free software enthusiast. This is my personal blog. I try to post things relevant to programming, but sometimes I might post about something else, such as music, videogames, or myself.

  • Source

    SysAdmin Stuff and meh... Linux enthusiast and Windows Server Sysadmin