Terms of Service

General service terms

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  4. You must be at least 13 years old to use the Service, as per the COPPA (US law). You must also be a human being, robots and automated scripts are not allowed to use the Service.
  5. Roberto Alsina and Chris Warrick promise not to sell or abuse any of the details you entered while registering with the Service.


  1. You are responsible for all the content you post.
  2. Content is pre-screened before publication; any abusive materials will be removed.
  3. Roberto Alsina and Chris Warrick have every right to remove any content that may have unlawful, offensive, or otherwise abusive content.
  4. Roberto Alsina and Chris Warrick claim no copyright or IP over your content.
  5. You must not post spam.
  6. Content posted by you must not harm the Service in any way.
  7. By submitting any information, you acknowldge that all information will be displayed publicly. You may revise or remove all information at any time by e-mailing the site administrators.